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: Lightweight baby pram stroller pushchairs Bassinet Stroller 

Material: This comfortable linen stroller model is made of lightweight gold aluminum tube and has two ways to use it-- bassinet stroller for the newborn and toddler stroller. The solid wheels are made of natural rubber that is durable and explosion-proof. You can flexible push the newborn stroller on city road as well as on the rough road. It has a good performance as the off-road stroller.

Suitable for: 0-6 months infant can sleep in the bassinet, 7-36 months toddler can sit in the carriage when you change the bassinet into a seat position.

Gift accessories: Foot cover, sleeping mat, summer mat, awning, bottle holder, saliva towel, stroller plate...


  • Big space for sleeping bassinet -- The large bassinet offer enough space for baby and they can stay in comfort. The good ventilation system makes the bassinet stroller warm in winter and cool in summer. The attached foot cover rolls at the top to keep your child from cold winter also maintaining a safe sleeping space.
  • The bassinet can be placed forward or backward, can be placed horizontally or adjusted into a seat.
  • Multiple shock absorption: Mutual inductance shock absorption system + Front wheel double spring shock absorption system provide more stable riding for your baby, it also gives you a more comfortable push experience.
  • Adjustable handlebar: Dad and mom has a different height, the adjustable handlebar is helpful, by pressing a button, the height can be adjusted to lower or higher.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight frame provides enough durability while also maintain the portability of the stroller. You can easily push it with only one hand, and lift it is not too heavy. If you often travel a lot, this lightweight stroller is the ideal choice for you.
  • Rubber wheel + rigid bearing wheel core---abrasion resistant, no need to inflate, explosion-proof tire
  • Five-point seat belt, one-button release 

  1. Weight and size:

  • Bearing 15kg
  • Baby carriage gross weight: about 12KG
  • Baby stroller net weight: about 10.5KG
  • The bassinet size: 36cm* 82cm
  • Packing size: 82*27*49cm
  • Unfolding size: 70*57*100cm
  • Folding size: 50*80*62cm

Colours available:

  • The pink stroller and the red stroller are very cute, they are special for the baby girl.
  • The gold and green are unsexy stroller
  • Grey stroller is baby boy stroller.

Note: Due to the difference in strollers of different colors, the prices are also different.

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